Terrified Horse

Horses are Speaking…Learn to Listen!!

Terrified Horse

Is your horse behaving badly due to pain?

Terrified Horse

Is your horse a partner or an adversary?

Terrified Horse

Do you want a horse that is safe, sound and sane?

Terrified Horse

Do you wish you had a better relationship?

Terrified Horse

Would you like to end the silent suffering?

Terrified Horse

Are you confused by the conflicting advice and information?

Terrified Horse

Would you rather educate than to force?

Terrified Horse

Are you tired of the gadgets? Is your horse?

Terrified Horse

Only through education can a respectful, balanced and harmonious relationship be developed with your horse!!

Hippoh is a network of world class equine professionals dedicated to providing trustworthy information based on science, research and years of experience.
Please enjoy our introductory videos below.

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What We Do

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To encourage change and to make an impact requires a united effort and shared vision. Meet each of these visionaries and read their stories. Each traveled separate paths but with the same passion and dedication that inevitably brought them together to give a voice to the most innocent member of them all – the Horse.


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“... I found my love for horses as I watched the gauchos galloping alongside my father’s car, chasing a rhea at full tilt while swinging the bolo with both hands.
It was magical, the feeling that horse and rider were one.



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“I can’t remember the first time I ever saw a horse. They seemed to be a part of me as long as I can remember.

I was the typical “mad about horses” little girl and at heart, I still am."



Dr. Joanna Robson
“I remember being helped up onto the back of a large brown Appaloosa named Beau.

The instant I slid into place I knew that I was home.



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“I have loved horses all of my life.
From a young boy I’ve been fascinated with the way they moved and the mechanics of the lower limbs. .
You might even say I was hooked for a lifetime."


The NAKED TRUTH Symposium

Naked Truth Symposium

One of our most effective educational events is our NAKED TRUTH Symposiums.

We take the folklore, voodoo, misinterpretation and misinformation out of the equation and deal with real life situations.

Let the horse be the testimonial as to the effectiveness of the HIPPOH approach and the wonderful results that can be achieved by applying the integrated philosophy of our HIPPOH Team

Our approach is to strip it down to the basics and present our theories that are based on science, research and tons of experience but to also present you with real life evaluations where you can see the theory put into practice. Our goal is to narrow the gap between what you understand intellectually and what you are visually and kinesthetically interpreting. Develop your ability to listen to what your horse is trying to convey to you.

There are very few venues that have four international equine professionals who are in absolute agreement about what is the most beneficial approach and outcome for your horse to stay safe, sound and sane. In other words - how to create a HIPPOHorse.


Why doesn’t my horse want to go forward?
Why can’t I maintain my position?
What IS proper saddle-fit, and how does it affect me and my horse?
How do you tell a back-mover from a leg-mover, and why is this important?
Do chiropractic and acupuncture treatments really work, and how?
What should I be looking for in my horse’s feet?
How do I tell if my horse is getting proper hoof care?
Why doesn’t my horse seem to enjoy being ridden?

We answer these questions and so much more...
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Dr. Joanna Robson using a horse skeleton to explain the bio-mechanical stress factors that can be caused by poor saddle fit, improper shoeing and ineffective and harmful training methods.
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Jochen Schleese speaking at Equitana in Germany during a discussion forum. Also pictured is Gerd Heuschmann, author of “Tug of War” and “If Horses Could Speak”
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Karen Loshbaugh explaining the principles of Classical Foundation Training and why it is so important in the proper development of ANY horse in ANY discipline.
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Suggested reading material including Dr. Joanna Robson’s two editions of “How to Recognize your Horse in Pain” and Jochen Schleese’s “The Silent Killer”.

The Red Shoes?? Attend a HIPPOH Event and you may find out who actually wears them and wh
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Michael DeLeonardo presenting important information concerning the function of the hoof and the effects of shoeing and/or leaving a horse barefoot.
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The HIPPOH Team - Mike, Karen and Joanna enjoying the transformation of their latest “HIPPOHorse”
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We encourage audience participation to help develop feel, understanding and the importance of developing a step by step system with your horse.

If you would like to host an event please contact our event coordinator Sarah Montrowl at sarah@hippohfoundation.org

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Our sincerest gratitude to all of the advocates, horse owners, volunteers, members and supporters of the HIPPOH Foundation. We all have busy lives (especially if you have horses!) and to make a global change requires the united effort of many individuals. It is the love of the horse and the desire to see them as they should be - prideful, beautiful, interactive, healthy, happy and performing at their optimum level. Education is the only way to make a lasting change!

Get In Touch


I grew up riding horses and as a youth I trained and competed as a member of the United States Pony Club for several years. My father William Faerber is a Master horseman specializing in Classical Dressage so I have been always had a link to the horse world and continue to be involved by managing the Art2Ride website and booking clinics around the world. My speciality is Customer Service & Relations, Social Media, Website Management, Networking, Marketing, Blogging, Promotions and Event Planning.

I look forward to assisting you with your questions and concerns.
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Despite 28 years in the tack and countless hours of pony club, eventing, hunter/jumpers, and dressage, I’d say my true partnership with horses started about five years ago.  I credit a serious riding injury for this revelation; I was missing key components of training and horse ownership.  It was then I embarked on a journey to find a more holistic approach to training and care, recognizing that a horse can only achieve relaxation and harmony if they are not in pain.  In meeting the founding members of HIPPOH, and in understanding how this philosophy transformed the relationship with my own horse, I felt this was a cause that I had to be part of.
Aside from the horses, I spent the majority of my youth overseas and still love to travel.  I have a degree in English in German and I’ve worked in Technical Sales for the last seven years in Southern California. 
Let me know if you’d like to host an event!!

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I have loved horses as long as I can remember. I began riding at age 9 riding English, Western, bareback and jumping. After a long break I returned to riding at age 44 and bought my first horse, Rose.
I have been following the HIPPOH philosophy since 2008 and am currently riding the Holsteiner stallion Contigo M. It’s been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing to deepen my knowledge and abilities, and enriching my partnership with my horse.
I hope you will join us on Facebook!!
April Tanquay

I have had over a decade of experience in finance and cash flow management with a background focused on animal healthcare.  My lifetime love of horses makes my involvement with the HIPPOH Foundation very rewarding. I look forward to seeing the organization grow, touching the lives of horse owners and their horses around the world. I know that my relationship with my horse Pyrtte continues to evolve and improve.
I am here to answer your questions about non-profit donations and tax deductions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Mike DeLeonardo
CEO HIPPOH Foundation

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